Storylines Captures Your Family Memories In A Beautiful Coffee Table Book

Enjoy your best house, farm or keepsake memories in a one-of-a-kind Family Heirloom book.

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Where’s Nora?

Nora’s out and about discovering treasured Homes, Farms, and Keepsake Memories. There’s always a surprise around the corner. Check her video blogs for the latest finds. 

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Memoir & Creative Writing Workshops

Grab your pen, pencil or laptop and join a writing workshop for an afternoon, one day, weekend of whole week. Be inspired to write, share and hear other stories. An opportunity you won’t want to miss.

My House, Farm & Keepsake Memory Books

Imagine giving a gift of “Family House Memories” to your parents that will provide them with years of pleasure and happiness. Storylines can make it happen.

Inter-Generational Programs

Watching the old and the young talk, laugh and interact is MAGIC. Intergenerational programs provide the structure for this to happen. Consider your group - imagine expanding the possibilities of what you do  - Engage all generations – Your heart will soar!